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Originally Posted by mixja View Post
Assuming you have 3.62 vs 3.15:

- The car is pulling 15% harder in gear (3.62/3.15)
- The car is taking 25% less time to reach redline
- The car is travelling 35% less distance in gear

Can you see why it feels like you are going faster but in reality you are not?

You think your butt dyno is telling you the car is faster, but in reality the car is pulling you harder for a shorter period of time over an even shorter distance (relatively speaking). The net effect overall being the car is not necessarily faster from point A to point B (depending on starting speed and gear), and if it is faster, the difference is far less than what your butt dyno experienced.
I think "quicker" or more responsive. When I put my foot into it, I want the car to move NOW. If the 4.10 does that, and makes me "feel" quicker - that is all I want.

I would actually love to see a 1/4 run video of stock 6MT vs 4.10 6MT.

I am less concerned with whether the 0-60 or 1/4 mile time is faster. When I drive, I want to be in the open space in the next lane on the highway RIGHT NOW and I don't want to wait for the torque to build to accellerate to get there.

- if the car pulls harder - that feels better to me
- If the revs build 25% faster to that sweet 5k+ RPM range - perfect, it means I don't have to wait as long to feel that OMG power....
- if I shift more, well that is ok too - the gears are pretty long in the 6MT.

End of Second is over the speed limit, end of 3rd is jail time.... I am not going to use the top end, I will use the 3-5k range for regular driving 90% of the time.

I think the 4.10 is what I would like to do. The only issue I see is how short 1st is... I love how fast that is... I hope the 4.10 doesn't wreck first....

The additional gas.... well, I will have to live with that.