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Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
all you are basing it off of is stuff you read no real life experience correct?? if you have real life experience btw a car with a diff and one without then i take it back

he actually has real life exp with the two to compare. i don't care what you post or graphs you show nothing beats real life experience

i haven't even broken mine in yet and i can already tell the car pulls harder and is faster through the gears. def one of the best band for the bucks mods
Assuming you have 3.62 vs 3.15:

- The car is pulling 15% harder in gear (3.62/3.15)
- The car is taking 25% less time to reach redline
- The car is travelling 35% less distance in gear

Can you see why it feels like you are going faster but in reality you are not?

You think your butt dyno is telling you the car is faster, but in reality the car is pulling you harder for a shorter period of time over an even shorter distance (relatively speaking). The net effect overall being the car is not necessarily faster from point A to point B (depending on starting speed and gear), and if it is faster, the difference is far less than what your butt dyno experienced.