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Originally Posted by jbake View Post
dude you are awesome....and nate is the cutest kid, best eyes! how do you acheive that DOF i've been trying to get it with my dslr, does my lens need to have a really low f-stop?
Yes. It's the lens that gives the Dslr it's quality.
Aside from the sensor that is.
A CCD sensor will be more harsh, as opposed to a CMOS sensor.
But, the quality of this lens with worth the $1,500 price tag.

You need a really sharp, fast (f1.4) lens.
Shoot at or close to it's minimum focus ability and shoot close to wide open.

It's the apeture, focal length and distance that makes the gorgeous bokeh.
Bokeh being the soft, pastelly background, out of focus-ness.....

The camera is only the box, it's the lens that really makes the difference.

I'll always tell people, get a 'good' camera and then spend all the money you can on lenses !!!