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Originally Posted by MNm3 View Post
This guy makes a good point...

I do think it is hilarious how no one really answered the question... None of us want to admit the truth. Most stuff for BMWs is damn expensive let alone for M cars. I have often wondered why it costs 3000 grand to weld a few pieces of metal together especially when the gains aren't THAT great. I mean you spend what, $2300 for Dinan and for what, 6 hp?

Then again... when you stomp the foot down and hear what $3Gs and the M3's V8 should sounds like?
That's what I've been saying. People have spent under $300 modifying their stock exhausts (myself included) and I know the aftermarket exhausts costing 10x as much aren't 10x better.

That said modded stock exhaust needs to be added to the poll. As well as Meisterschaft.

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