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Forum Fest 2010 is proud to be the Official Registration & Media website for the Forum Fest brought to you by NOS Energy Drink!
Stay Tuned for our Pre-Summer Launch!
Come join us at this year's summer meet which includes Drifting, Drag Racing and More!
Sunday, July 18th, 2010 - Pacific Raceways - 9AM - 5PM



NOS Drifting - in partnership with Drift Office and Northwest Nissans

Email the DRIFT OFFICE if you would like to participate <>

NOS Drag Racing in partnership with Pacific Raceways
Registration and Payment at the Race Gate Entrance Day of Event!
Bring $35 and read the rules below!

(You will only be warned once)

No Over Excessive Revving and/or Burnouts
No Speeding
No Stealing
No Littering
No Dirt Dropping
No Jack-Assery


Car Show Information:
Awards by make (3 cars needed to complete in make class)

Remaining awards will be awarded as "Honorable Mention" if class cannot be filled. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Best of Show
Vehicle Make

Best Honda
Best Acura
Best Nissan/Infinti
Best Mitsubishi
Best Toyota
Best Scion
Best Lexus
Best Subaru
Best Mazda
Best Audi
Best BMW
Best VW
Best Exotic
Best Other Speciality Awards

Best JDM
Best Drift / Purpose Built
Best Engineered Performance (+dyno)
Best Engineered Suspension Setup
Best Engineered Wheel Fitment / Stance
Best VIP Build
Best Engineered Interior
Best Detailed (exterior/interior)
Best Female Build
Best Sleeper Build
Best Bike

Group Awards

Representation Award (Forum)
Best Team
Most Participated Award
Motorcycle Awards
Best Team Representation (MC)
Best Team Representation (RC)
Fun Awards
Highest Verified Post Count
Model's Pick

Drifting Rules and Regulations:

2010 Formula Drift ProAm rules will regulate the Drift Event as the NOS Forum Fest.

Supplement Rules for this event:
A) Working Fire Extinguishers are REQUIRED in ALL track vehicles.

B) All drivers are required to assist in CLEAN-UP after their respective run sessions are over.

For Complete Rules, Please download the rulebook:
Download 2010 ProAm Rules - PDF

These rules will be strictly enforced by Formula Drift at the ProAm Nationals and all drivers should conform to them.

Please note that the current version 2010 ProAm rules have been paired down from the 2009 rules and do not have some regulations for driver safety equipment that will be required.

Driver safety equipment requirements will follow the 2009 rule section 7.1 for the 2010 season.

2009 Formula Drift ProAm Rules
Forregulations that are not specified in the 2010 ProAm rulebook, please follow the 2009 Rules.

Roll Cages
NOS Forum Fest Drift will allow cages that meet SCCA, NASA, or similar wheel to wheel road race organization rules. This includes bolt in cages. The door bars on the drivers side must meet Formlua Drift ProAm regulations for all cages.

Drag Racing Rules and Regulations;
Please visit for
Drag Racing Rules and Regulations

Basic Rules to Follow:

What To Bring With You
Paper Towels
Glass Cleaner
Sleeved Shirt
Long Pants
Closed Toe Shoes
Helmet (13.99 seconds or faster)
Drivers License

Arriving At The Track
Speed limit is 25 MPH on Entrance Road
and 10 MPH in the pit area

Proceed To Competitor/Pit Entrance
At Ticket Booth
Present Entrance/Racing Fee To Track Staff
Sign Track Insurance Waiver
Receive Ticket(s) And Colored Wrist Band
Wrist band is required to be worn by
all competitors and is required for
access to the track starting line and
staging areas.

Next Stop - Regsitration Office
Located on the 1st floor of the Timing Tower


Here is the originial website: