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Originally Posted by jayson View Post
So... another week gone by. This is starting to get really bad, and no solution in sight.
Yeah, this sucks. Two days before it happened my father and I just got the boat de-winterized and geared for our first offshore fishing trip of the year. We have a camp in Grand Isle, LA and it looks like the oil is moving in on Grand Isle and Fourchon thanks to strong tides and a steady southwest wind.

The new plan will combat the oil spilling into the gulf on three fronts: the subsea, the surface, and the shore.

At the subsea level, efforts will be geared towards stopping the leak by physical containment using a smaller container, which will be placed over the leak point. The dome, which is connected by drill pipes and riser lines to a drill ship on the surface, will collect oil for removal and treatment. The smaller size of the dome will combat hydrate build up and make sure that the problems with the larger dome will not occur again. They will be able to keep it warm by pumping warm water over it. The hydrate crystals blocking the larger containment device form in cold temperatures.

The placement of the smaller dome is by no means fool proof. The work that is being done to combat the oil spill is like doing heart surgery at 5,000 feet. The depth of the well, and the lack of experience with handling technologies at such depths has been a larger dilemma than BP first expected.

The smaller dome will be supplemented with the drilling of two relief wells, which should ultimately be successful. We will see...hope for the best!
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