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Originally Posted by serven7 View Post
Ok so back to the topic. I know Im gonna get flamed for this but I must know.

Why is it that so may people are into the mufflers or as alot of you call it exhaust such as Eisenmann, ACS, Remus and so on. Its so odd to me that people are paying $3000 or whatever for a muffler, not even axel back. Fact is there isnt much but sound to be gained but then again what is sound with out the corresponding HP. I do not wish to insult anyone but this seems like a rice rocket thing to do. I dont follow alot of these "muffler" threads but if Dynoed I would suspect the $400 Magnaflow to produce the same numbers as the crazy expensive Eisenmann. After all its just a muffler how is that possibly worth that much and why are you guys buying them all up? Dont tell me its TUV either that doesnt cost $3000.

Has PG or any other reliable source got these things on a dyno?

This guy makes a good point...

I do think it is hilarious how no one really answered the question... None of us want to admit the truth. Most stuff for BMWs is damn expensive let alone for M cars. I have often wondered why it costs 3000 grand to weld a few pieces of metal together especially when the gains aren't THAT great. I mean you spend what, $2300 for Dinan and for what, 6 hp?

Then again... when you stomp the foot down and hear what $3Gs and the M3's V8 should sounds like?
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