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Ok... a couple of questions....

My car is pretty darn low with at set of TC Klein coil overs. Seems that some of the lowered cars listed use 12 - 10mm spacers for stock 19s. Is that about the norm?

On the pic of the AW car with the Ericsson kit, the felt covered air diflectors under the front end are missing. Can you simply eliminate those and still use the stock bumber cover?

I've heard several people say that spacers are ok, even for heavy track use; but they also say that you should switch to a studs and lug nuts rather than extended lug bolts. Is that what MS's kit comes with or are they extended lug bolts? That's really the only thing holding me back from spacers is the fact that lots of load is placed on those extended lug bolts. i'm not an engineer but it seems that as the lug bolts are lengthened the leverage point of the wheel in also increased placing even more stress on the lug bolts.

Thanks for this thread. Lots of good info... and pretty pictures too.
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