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Originally Posted by datalink7 View Post
Glad to hear something positive about the sound system. I just got the base system because I'm not a big audio guy (recently I went on a road trip and didn't have the radio on for two hours). But I've heard so much "trash talking" about the base system lately that I was kind of regretting not getting it (my car comes in on the 20th of this month).
I mean I listen to everything (classic rock, rap, techno, blues, everything), so I have already heard a wide range of audio through the base system. I really would like an EQ, and I couldn't shell the extra out for the premium system, so I am just happy that my sound seems to be better than most earlier model owners have DESCRIBED (would like to see how they really sound for comparison).

Sure, it could probably use a bit more here and there, but unless you are turning it up so high that you can hear it 3 blocks away, I think it's fully capable of performing at high levels.