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Some factual problems

Originally Posted by devo View Post
Don't believe the DSG rumors. However, your friend's Gallardo is nothing like BMW's SMG; it's far superior! DSG is basically Porsche designed and utilized by Audi, which of course, is offered on the Lamborginis.

DSG is a refined dual clutch tranny, whereas BMW offers their version of the same theme; albiet with a single clutch. Both, of course, are sans clutch pedal. DSG allows the subsequent gear to be "pre-selected" or "engaged", thereby reducing much of the gear change before you actually make it. (I.E. If you are accelerating the next higher gear is selected for the anticipated shift and if you are decelerating the opposite occurs.) The current Ferrari (430) and contemporary Lambos use it, as will Porsche (beginning with the 2008 997/911) in the very near future. None of the exotic car manufacturers are using SMG technology.

Each tranny is still a manual gearbox, but the clutching is done with the system's electronics/hydraulics. Neither transmission has a torque convertor; which robs some horsepower.

I'm confident that my statements will offend some BMW fans, but it's how I feel based on what I've experienced and read about the two. I love M3's but wish BMW would replace SMG with DSG or similar tech to DSG. I really doubt that this will happen anytime soon, but I can still hope for it. If anything less than a DSG type tranny is offered, I will pick a traditional stick over SMG any day; and some purist will take the stick over any tech that takes from the experience of driving. Unless full boogie, a stick is far more fun, imo.
Gallardo has a conventional manual transmission with the clutch and gear lever controlled by computer and hydraulics. Lambo calls it e-gear but in principal it is identical to BMWs flavor, called SMG. Same goes for F430. BMW has been praised as the fastest shifting of the three, 80 miliseconds.

DSG is clearly superior for even faster shifts, better fule consumption and acceleration. Although DSG is the future some folks have complained about the current systems not being able to preselect the next gear properly under all combinations of accleration, braking, shifting, etc. In the meantime SMG like transmissions are still indeed state of the art and are still used in F1.