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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Well I figured why not, it's going to get hotter soon and I'd like to see what the car does with the Gintani supercharger on, there are no tracks in my area that are really worthwhile this time of year, and I ran my car NA at Sacramento, so I felt it was the best place to test the car now before conditions get worse. So I drove 370 miles to Sacramento raceway, did my runs and then turned back around and drove another 370 miles home, I know I'm nuts, lol.

Before I left for Sacramento Raceway, Gintani/OE tuning did a MS109 race file on my car, as there are little to no gains that I saw just by adding race fuel to the tank, but when adding MS109 and a tune you can add some additional power without having to add more boost. This MS109 race fuel tune is with NO BOOST added. Here are the results as well as the two other setups/tunes.

I arrived at Sacramento raceway around noon, the place was pretty much empty except for a few cars. So I didn't have to wait to do runs, I liked that!

It was warm around 79 degrees, much hotter than when I ran the car NA, I believe it was 50 - 55 degrees max then. The DA was around 1100 - 1200' this time, I believe the DA was negative -170, when I ran the car NA, so the conditions were not in my favor as they were before.

Even with the Drag Radials I couldn't use launch mode, it would just spin the tires. The Launch mode never worked well for me even in stock or with bolt ons, and I found that just using the "mash the pedal" type launch would produce better results, but even using that mode and the car would not hook. I bought a used set of DR's, they're still in good shape, but just not enough to do a decent launch. I decided to just baby the car off the line and see what I could do, she hooked decently on a few runs after a bit of a roll out.

I managed -

60' 2.06
1/8th mile 7.63 @ 102.84 MPH
1/4 mile 11.45 @ 131.67 MPH

Now before anyone says that it's only 4 tenths faster than my NA time, you have to remember 1/4 mile ET's are based mainly on the launch, the first 60'. 2.06 is not a very good 60'/launch, lol, when I was NA I managed a 1.81 60', that's decent as well but still not great. The basic rule is for every tenth you shave off your launch/60' time you shave two tenths off your 1/4 mile ET. So if I could have just hit a 1.81 60' this time around with the SC'r, I would have been very close to a 10.9, cooler temps, will help as well, in other words this setup is very capable of a 10 second 1/4 mile run, the traps are certainly there.

I need to scan the slips at work, so I will post those monday, I forgot my camera so no vids, but there was a spectator that shot a few, hopefully he sends them to me. Here's a few pics from my not so great camera phone, with the new wheel and tire setup and Sacramento Raceway in the BG.

The car drove 370 miles to the track, ran a solid ET and trap, then I left and drove 370 miles back home, not a single issue. Then this morning I meet up with some P-car and GT-R buddies and headed down to C&C, let's just say I had some fun with a 997TT AWE 750R and a 600WHP HKS 570 GT-R on the drive down, everyone was pleasantly surprised at the results.

I'm becoming more and more impressed with this kit, how well it's built, tuned and performs, thanks Gintani/OE Tuning.
Im waiting for you to post more vids on youtube...

Love your roll on vids versus all the various cars.
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