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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Thanks Mike they sure have taken care of me! I have to say from what I've seen Gintani takes care of all their customers, I was behind a handful of cars before they finally got me on the dyno.

Yeah, the DR's are not new, but still decent, I did a few burnouts, but still spun on the launch, so I gave up and tried the baby it out of the hole approach. Did some dry burnouts, etc. Thinking back now I wish I would have tried LC or the mash the pedal type LC a few more times, but LC at any RPM stall never worked well for me even when I was stock or had bolt ons. I was far from home, by myself, didn't want to keep pushing the launch and I had to get back home for the Mexico runs at 5am!

You could put the DRs back one day and try LC on the street. Default RPM is set at 5500 RPM I believe when using LC. You could lower it to 5000 RPM, but you have to hold the throttle while you adjust it (which takes awhile) and I don't feel very comfortable doing that with the blower. It would be nice if we could set the launch RPM to whatever we want before holding down the throttle, but I guess that makes too much sense.

I'm probably going to get a set of DRs soon. I like the Mickey Thompson brand the best. They make a 265/40R18 and a 305/35R18. Do you think the 305/35 would fit?
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