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Originally Posted by Leilani View Post
I had 5th row seats at the Aldo/Faber fight...but the REAL show (and fight of the decade!) was watching Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung!!!

BTW, I am SO happy that Dana White threw Paul Daley out of the UFC for his cheap-a$$ shot at Josh Koscheck after the fight was over tonight! Koscheck is definitely a man of class for walking away from that!!!
+ 1 I had 6th row at 112 and it was unreal. I agree with you that Dana white did the right thing in kicking out Daley.

Originally Posted by badfish View Post
Cheapshot for sure. But in a way, I felt Koscheck deserved it for his acting jobs in the last 2 fights.
- 1

I don't endorse Paul Daley's actions at all. He was out-beaten and outclassed during the fight. To pretend to congratulate him and then take a cheap shot after the fight is very unsportsman like across all codes of competition.