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Originally Posted by HoustonScott View Post
Well now, your wrong, what your looking at is a State document that says there is a birth certificate from HI and that they verify that, it is not the birth certificate. And to get a Pass Port you must show a birth certificate or a certified copy of one, not a state certificate of birth that doesn't cut it. Oh, I did 29 years on active duty in the US military and retired an Officer. Oh, second I was Officer in Charge of a recruiting office that covered half of California, and that would not make it, you must have gotten the certified copy of the birth certificate to come into the Marines. Just face the facts...there right in front of your face....


That ABSOLUTLY is a state birth certificate. If you can't read what it says at right at the top of it, then YOU'RE hopeless.

As a matter of fact, I can't believe I'm even having a debate like this with someone who can't even figure out the difference between the word "your" and "you're", and in YOU ARE. Did you write like that when you were an officer in charge of a recruiting office? And exactly what rank were you when you retired? It's hard for me to believe that someone with your level of writing skills was actually an officer in the Armed Forces.

I got into the Marine Corps with a certificate just like that, and I also got a passport with one.

Get a grip man, your entire argument is based on complete and utter BS, and it's obvious for anyone to see.