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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
Hi guys, congrats on the imminent arrival of your cars, can't wait to see the pictures. I'm off this evening to Munich for pick-up on Monday so we're all in the same boat sort of. All the best and I'll be looking for your "delivery" posts when I get back.

Well Mark, I still might not have mine when you get back...... My car is due into Halifax on the 17th and then has another 7 days on rail. If you take into account the processing time at the Autoport in Halifax (likely at least 2-3 days and maybe up to 7 days) and then more processing time in Edmonton's Autoport (Likely at least 1-2 days) it probably wont be here till early June.

Robert will more than likely have his though.... he is right in Halifax so he should have his within 2-3 days of the boat docking.

Have a good trip and congratulations on finally getting your beautiful Machine..... can't wait to see how the combination turned out. I hope you will be able to post pictures while you are in Europe.

Originally Posted by datalink7 View Post
Mine is on the Elektra which is supposed to arrive in Halifax on the 10th, then NYC (where it should get off, I'm in NJ) on the 12th. How long after that will I be waiting?

The wait continues to be excruciating...
Here is a link to track the Elektra while in open water Link

Here is a link to track the ship when nearing port Link

Please note that ships transmit their coordinates voluntarily while away from major ports so don't be alarmed if you can't see your ships position all the time.
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