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Originally Posted by HoustonScott View Post
I know, that's is not a birth certificate, hence the problem. You can not even get a pass port with that document in the USA. That's a document that says there is a birth certificate, it's not the certificate its self. You go look at your own, it says where (the hospital) and who (the doctor) delivered you, and is signed by the doctor, go look at your own. Then post again.....


That is a copy of a birth certificate. Do you have your original? I know I sure as hell don't. I had to send off for one when I joined the Marine Corps, which didn't have a signature, and I've probably lost that one as well by now. The doctor who delieverd me has been dead for at least 10 years, would you suggest I leave the country because I'm not a citizen?

This whole idea that he's not a legit president on some sort of BS technicality just makes you look childish. He won the election fair and square, by a significant margin, and now the Right is grasping at straws and crying the blues.