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This kind of conspiracy theory stuff from both sides gets annoying. Whether its Bush and 9/11 or Obama and his birth certificate, focusing on such things undermines one's credibility and shifts the focus away from constructive debate and tackling what really matters.

OP, I understand the article's contention, but the I would argue that cancelling the national day of prayer did not violate any provision of the Constitution, or any relevant case law. The fact is you/he/all of us were still able to freely pray when/where we wanted to, and the government didn't prevent any of us from doing that or advocated one religion over the other.

And is it relates to basic Constitutionally law, this passage is very troubling and has a lot of errors:

These days, if a person is driving along and one of the tail lights on the car is out, the police have the right to pull the driver over and issue a fine for the light being out because it is an offense against the law. TRUE

The police officer also has the right, when pulling anyone over for anything, to review the driver's license, registration, and insurance documents. TRUE & FALSE You can't pull someone over for "anything". You have to observe a violation of the law.

The police officer also has the right to search the vehicle, the driver's person and that of all passengers, as well as ask them for proof if identity. FALSE This is untrue. A search can only be conducted based on reasonable suspicion or pursuant to an arrest. They cannot search your car or go beyond what is in plain site if they don't have probable cause or you're already under arrest for something else.

In any case, there is almost always a large fine and sometimes a mark against the driver's record, which usually results in increased insurance costs. DOUBTFUL - "almost always" doesn't seem to be a verifiable statistic.

At the end of the day "In God We Trust" is still on our currency, you can go to church whenever you want, so I think things are pretty good.