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Originally Posted by TMNT View Post
I never quite understood the American disdain for France. I mean all the French did was help us win the American Revolutionary War

Washington D.C. exists because of L'Enfant and we owe a lot to La Fayette as well. That's why we have plaza's and parks named after them.
I don't really have any disdain for them. I think it's fun to tease em about the Maginot line and of course the two World Wars.... It's all in good fun.

The only time I really developed a dislike for the French was when I lived in Geneve. The people there were just so laid back compared to the French (and I had previously spent a lot of time in Lyon and Paris), and had a natural disdain for them (the Savioards were the last to try to invade them, and coincidentally failed), so every year they celebrate beating the French, kind of like a local Independence Day celebration....

Other than that, I really have no problem with the French on a personal level. It's just fun to poke em with a stick every once in a while.... I'm very aware of their part in facilitating our own existence as we know it today here in the US.