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Originally Posted by tightie View Post
Torque limits on a N/A car.. I havent heard of that one before.
The BMW Engine Management System is a torque-based system. It has target torque values and torque limits programmed. If the torque limits are programmed incorrectly to not accommodate the higher target torque values when the car is remapped, then those torque limits will be reached and a CEL thrown.

This is a description from Powerchip:

"Torque Management - The torque management map is one of the most important maps in the engine management system of your BMW. The factory limits torque to a certain number, if the car tries to make any more power (or to be exact any more torque, because the ECU uses a "torque-based architecture"), then your BMW will simply limit power by retarding timing or closing the throttle. Torque management is included in almost any car that has a good traction control system. Powerchip is one of a small number of tuners worldwide that understands torque management, and how to "unlock" your BMWs potential that is currently holding it back from delivering 100% of the power and torque available. This is another map that Powerchip changes to make your BMW work smarter and not harder."

Originally Posted by tightie View Post
Powerchip does NOT tune Gintani's cars. All their tuning is done in house on their dyno.
I thought Gintani just applied an off the shelf Powerchip map

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