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Performance Mods / State Inspections / Reference Thread

There seems to be a ton of confusion going on around here about state inspections and performance modifications. Every state is different so I thought maybe we can get a compilation of information posted in one place so people considering adding performance mods to their car will have an idea of the risks associated with passing state inspections.

Most of us already know that anytime you disable any of the emissions systems - including deletion of secondary cats - it is supposed to be an automatic fail. But I've never heard of anyone in real life fail due to eliminating secondary cats. So let's get a list going of the state you live in and the performance mods you have, and if you are able to pass inspection.

So I'll go first:

State: New York

Performance mods:
Fabspeed X-pipe with 200 cpi High Flow Cats, Akrapovic Slip-on. Macht Schnell air filter.

Inspection Results:
(after initial fail due to emissions CEL )

I don't have many performance modifications. However I wanted a full exhaust system to improve the sound of the car, followed by the additional performance gains. If you guys have been reading the forum lately you will see these HFC's that are supposed to never throw a CEL just happened to throw one for me as I was on my way to get my NYS inspection. Needless to say I failed the emissions portion of inspection. On my way in to be inspected I cleared the code so there was no more CEL, but didn't know that will cause the emissions monitors to fail a readiness test. I had to drive the car for awhile ( I did about 100 miles) and let it sit overnight for a cold start. Once I did that I took it back in for just the emissions portion of inspection and passed no problem.

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