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Originally Posted by jeremyc74 View Post
Your argument is that just because it's not going to kill anyone, we should just disregaurd the Constitution?

No point in going any further with this for me then.
No; I was using a hyperbole. We run into so much opposition to progress simply because of the fact that everything is categorized as racial profiling, religious persecution, or just general egregious insensitivity. It would be great to enact measures that would allow us to protect our citizens. That would be nice. Unfortunately, there are some people in this country who are so quick to jump the gun and label any effort to make progress as the categories listed above.

With the fight on terrorism in our own country, we're each going to have to "give a little" to "get a lot" and do what's best for the country as a whole. Sure certain elements may have been deemed to be unconstitutional, and so should be abandoned, but my point is that there are certain groups on both sides of the fence that won't budge, not allowing us to make any progress at all. The ACLU is definitely one of those groups.

How about we figure out a way to monitor suspected individuals that fits within the bounds of the constitution?

Or should we just let them run amok because we'd rather have our family members blown up than be accused of being racist?