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Originally Posted by jeremyc74 View Post
What work of the ACLU do you specifically have an issue with?
Well I guess someone has to stand up for the possibility of stepping on the toes of terrorists....

I also personally object to how thoroughly they have done away with any sort of public "Christmas" mentionings or displays. Even though I'm agnostic, it's still pretty brutal to see how viciously they go after this stuff.... They make it a point to not only stand up for the minorities (in all respects; I have no problem with this), but also to crush anyone who doesn't agree with them, or anyone they themselves deem to be part of their problem.

I agree that they have done some great things over their history, but I also believe they could be one of the biggest hurdles here in this country in our effort to fight terrorism.

As an organization with extremely strong political interests on all fronts, I would not consider any studies they do as unbiased or infallible. IMO they are no cleaner nor unbiased than any other political giant.