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Originally Posted by jeremyc74 View Post
I'm not making an analogy between tasers and slavery. I'm PROVING the point that the majority opinion isn't always right, and I think that's pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain.

Your opinion is so far out of whack I'm going to stop responding to it. Police officers have NO RIGHT to dole out punishment. AT ALL. The fact that you think they do, and it's justified demonstrates exactly how little you know.
Thank you for SHUTTING UP!

You do know that all the bitching and moaning you just did will do NOTHING to stop 100's of cops from tasering people this week?

Until the tasering rules and regulations change, we can continue to say that YOU are wrong.

Thanks for playing. You get a pat on the back for demonstrating to all of us what we already knew - that sometimes the majority isn't always right. However, to this point, that proves nothing in this case.

We have some lovely parting gifts for you back stage.

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