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Originally Posted by jeremyc74 View Post
I guess this concept is beyond your grasp.

At one time the MAJORITY thought slavery - good.

They were wrong then, just like you're wrong now. A taser is a potential deadly force, and it should be used based on the rules for use of deadly force, just like a firearm or club is.

Of course, I'm guessing you don't really know anything at all about things like that.

Being a nuisance is grounds for arrest, but it's damn sure not grounds for using deadly force. There was ZERO threat to anyone involved here, and you can clearly see that from the video.
Whether a taser is deadly force or not is your opinion. If that were proven already, then cops would not be tasering people as much, now would they?

Here's a little factoid for you: The majority ends up right sometimes too. I could reference thousands of instances where that occured.

Slavery and taser don't even belong in the same analogy. Stop with that ridiculous analogy.

My opinion is that the punishment fit the crime. If you don't agree with my opinion then I don't really know what else to tell you. There is really nothing you can do or say or any line of reasoning you could contrive that would ever change my opinion or the the opinion of the 71% of the folks that agree with me. Sorry.

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