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Originally Posted by jeremyc74 View Post
Where have you been? There have been hundreds of people killed by tasers.
From the other thread:
Originally Posted by immiketoo View Post
So you seriously believe an organization as politically motivated as Amnesty International? Wake Forest Medical School did an independent study in 2008 that clearly refutes your unsubstantiated claim. You aren't an idiot for disagreeing with me. You are an idiot because you are wrong, don't know it, continue to spout un-truths and because you never bothered to come to the argument with anything other than personal opinion.

I am not, nor will I ever dispute there have been Taser abuses, nor will I defend cops who abuse their power. Unfortunately, there have been abuses in all occupations, and cops get the worst press when they do it. Deservedly so. The problem is that this country has gone down the path of fear. Its what I call my field mouse mentality. They don't know or care if the shadow looming overhead is a hawk or a kid flying a kite. Better safe than sorry. Never take responsibility for your own actions. Blame the cops, your parents, teachers, or the government.

To your last point. Tasers are non-lethal in the majority of individuals. There are conditions that exist in the human body that can be affected by a sudden adrenaline dump, which I can assure you, the Taser provides. ALL of those conditions are caused by the person who died PRIOR to being shot. High levels of narcotics, alcohol or other substances combined with the stress of confronting the cops and the adrenaline cause a situation called excited delirium which accounts for the majority of the cases you allege were caused by Tasers. Look into the specifics of your cases and you will see that yet again, the subjects who died some time after being Tased had conditions that would likely have killed them anyway. And, they were ALL violating the law.

Every medical examination of these cases except one showed that Tasers were NOT the cause of death, and the one said it was only a contributing factor in the death and only because it was temporally close to the death. Your number is miniscule in the percentage of deaths that occur in police encounters and most of those never make the media because there is no story when someone gets shot by the police when they deserve it. The cases of inappropriate police violence do, but they are the exception. When pepper spray was introduced to policing, there were similar outcries. Same with the expandable baton.

Let's look at the hundreds of thousands of subjects that have been Tased and exhibit no negative side effects. Statistical analysis does not support your assumption. As to explaining to the families who have had someone die? Let's use the case this thread was created for and pretend that the guy died. Ma'am, your son died after breaking the law, inconveniencing several hundred thousand people and then resisting arrest. I'm sorry for your loss.
People also die from food poisoning. Therefore we should stop eating food as it is now considered "deadly".