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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
No, just saying that I didn't find it that funny. If you want to say it's truth, you'd have to explain that to me.
I've made myself clear enough over the past year without giving you fodder to tell me that I'm wrong because of this or that technicality or that my moral compass is pointing in the wrong direction.

There's been enough threads on this board in the past 6 months to fill up the BP dome, and you think that I'm going to step into the flaming inferno and give you a detailed response (which has been covered ad nauseam in other various threads) to a very generalized (albeit truthful, at least in my eyes) satire as to why I do not think Barack Obama and his policies have any place in this country?

No thank you, I can call it truth without wasting my time explaining something to you that you aren't even going to consider agreeing with and probably won't even read entirely before becoming distracted because you've set your Obama screensaver to come on too often

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