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Originally Posted by Subw00er View Post
Oh no, I've basically just bought a car without driving one first. Put down the deposit, but havent driven it or any other e46 M3 yet (car is not local). I know it must be good because I know what mine is like (e92 M3) and everyone says the e46 was (is?) a great car. I'm going a little on trust here!

It is a 2003.5 manual tranny convertible, so I guess I'll assume there are some rattles and light wear. I looked into the service history, and its PERFECT - oil was done early, and even Inspection 1 was done, subframe was checked. The car has 35K miles.

I guess at the core will be a slightly lighter feeling car with less power but still high revving. The e46 still seems to have a nice 0-60 time. But from a driving perspective is what I'm really interested in knowing. I searched a bit, but I am wondering what people's perspectives are on the two cars. I'm assuming there are a lot of e46 M3 converts here. So, what should I expect?
Ironically, because you're 46 is a vert and your 92 is a coupe, your 92 is actually going to be lighter than the 46