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Originally Posted by adc View Post
20 years from now when 50% of all the new cars will be electric, and gas will be at least $10 per gallon, you may not be able to afford running even one E90 M3, let alone two.

Other moments you may not be looking forward to in a very long term ownership:
- the moment iDrive ties itself in knots for the last time
- the moment BMW no longer provides map updates for the NAV
- rebuilding the EDC suspension at $1k per corner
Probably still be cheaper to repair/replace as necessary when out of warranty than buy a new one. At $1K/month for new car (assuming $10K/down, 5 yr loan...just for sake of argument), you can do a lot of replacing/repairing of an older car. My problem is patience. I always want the new technology. I really plan to hold on to this famous last words that have been ignored a couple times. Let's hope the M3 out of warranty does not break the bank.

edit....just noticed you said 20 years. Ok...that is a really long time from now. Kids will be out of college and I will be retired. Scary to think about that when the kids are still in booster seats.