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Took a closer look at the Ford GT. Disappointing.

Was at the Ford dealership in Sta. Clara and they happen to have a brand new $190k 2005 Ford GT sitting in their showroom. Of course, I had to take a close look at it while I was waiting for my friends to purchase a hybrid SUV.

First thing I notice is how wide this thing is. With 19" wheels on the rear and 18"s on the front, the stance is very aggressive. But parts of it doesn't look solid because of how there are sectional panels everywhere.

Looking closer, the gaskets on the windows aren't flush. There are bulges here and there, and the fiberglass intake linings don't flush against the chassis. You can take your finger and play with it a bit. Makes a creaking noise, that's how loose they are. The plastic grill just above/behind the engine bay are slightly warped. Finally, the lines where panels meet aren't aligned.

Disappointing for a $190k.

I'm sure performance-wise, it's a stunner. But to those looking for quality in craftsmanship, this just isn't the car for you.
It'll be one hell of a ride...