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Originally Posted by bmwboi View Post
Does the sedan feel noticeably better than the coupe? I've read that in a few places on this forum. I would have no intentions of tracking the car, just normal driving and some fun occasionally. I've driven the e92 but never the e90.

I honestly think both look good but being young and having no wifey and kids yet I feel like the coupe may be the way to go.
I think it feels more sturdy, feels like more of one solid piece of metal. The extra doors don't have to be related to having a family and kids. Just makes everyday life easier, putting more people in the car, not having to adjust the front seat back and forth to put things in the back, having extra windows on the side for better visibility, having solid doors around the windows instead of the open glass connecting to the rubber strip above the door. Smaller/lighter doors to open.

I've driven both and I just love the utility of the sedan if I need it. I don't like my E46 as my everyday car, the sedan just has soo many more pluses. IMO

I'm getting the E90 because of more utility, I like the looks better and it has the same performance as the coupe.