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Originally Posted by adc View Post
20 years from now when 50% of all the new cars will be electric, and gas will be at least $10 per gallon, you may not be able to afford running even one E90 M3, let alone two.

Other moments you may not be looking forward to in a very long term ownership:
- the moment iDrive ties itself in knots for the last time
- the moment BMW no longer provides map updates for the NAV
- rebuilding the EDC suspension at $1k per corner
I won't have to worry about that.
- My E90 doesn't come with IDrive
- My E90 doesn't come with Tech Package - GARMIN is good enough for me
- I didn't order my E90 with EDC..Ground Control is good enough for me
- I won't even have to worry about a roof leak as mine doesn't come with sunroof.

I hope it will last 200k miles on original engine..