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Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
Take it with a grain of salt I agree, but most of it seems plausible.
Most of it does but they ruin the article with ridiculous claims like this one (note the section in bold)....

“After years of conjecture, details have begun to emerge of a "kill weapon" developed by the Chinese to target and destroy U.S. aircraft carriers.

"The size of the missile enables it to carry a warhead big enough to inflict significant damage on a large vessel, providing the Chinese the capability of destroying a U.S. supercarrier in one strike. Because the missile employs a complex guidance system, low radar signature and a maneuverability that makes its flight path unpredictable, the odds that it can evade tracking systems to reach its target are increased. It is estimated that the missile can travel at mach 10 and reach its maximum range of 2000km in less than 12 minutes."
Riiiiiiight... And I bet that first wave is followed up by "sharks with frickin' laser beams"