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Originally Posted by Benjjman007 View Post
"...the M3 E90 four-door sedan offers a stiffer chassis, more power, plus the utility of four doors. If the point of the M3 is to deliver extraordinary performance in a package that is compatible with everyday life, then the E90 is the best M3 ever, because it is both very, very fast and very, very refined."

Gotta love my E90!
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Will never ever regret my decision.
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i totally agree with everyone wouldn't trade my e90 for anything else
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Guys we own a future classic. Even if BMW comes out with another M3 sedan one day (which I am sure they will) I am willing to bet there will never be another V8 in it. Makes me wish I could afford to buy two. One to drive and one to keep pristine.
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i wish i can to do the same but one for track and one to keep pristine
Lucky SOG's. I've got my eye on you people

Jus kiddin. I hope you guys enjoy your m3 saloon's. That's one bad car

P.S Someday, I wish I could own a 4 door M3
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