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Originally Posted by Cadence View Post
Impressive dyno collection. Nice that you have taken the time to compile this list.

Maybe my 360whp goal doesn't make sense. Let's look at it another way...

I want to add at least 25whp over a stock M3.

With any luck my planned mods (TMS pulley, dry filter, GIAC software and Supersprint cat-back) will get me there. I would consider removing the secondary cats but I don't want to touch the primary cats. This is because I don't want added noise or smell and I already feel bad enough for how un-green the M3 is
Unless you take out the cats you'll have a hard time getting there. Tune might add 10-12whp. Filter, pulley and axle back exhaust add pretty much nothing.

My 100cell cats don't even smell that bad. I barely notice it. Full Akra exhaust and Powerchip tune will give you 40whp+ over stock.