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Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
My dilema is that there no one reputable in WA to do the kind of ECU tune you're offering Andrew. My only solution is to send the ECU to you and I am scratching my head on this.

The other thing is that if there is an issue with the engine accidentally ... and thru no fault of the tune ... I don't want to miss out on a goodwill engine warranty because i have fiddled with the ECU.

I have worked for BMW and I know the level of details that's transparent to the dealer, and what BMW Mulgrave and Munich can see from the downloaded data. Andrew, I am not questioning your work, it's the fear in case of the unthinkable. What are your thoughts
I do understand your concerns and that is something very important but this is something you have to take on for yourself. Talk to BMW and see how they react to your questions. If there answer suits you then we can move on. I am asked this ocnstantly and i am very aware of this issue with my highly modified 135i

We recently have done 2 Akrapovic Full Evo systems with ECU tunes. I have images on my Gallery pages of my website for you to look over if your interested.

This is what i can offer you,

I have a second hand full Titanium Akrapovic that suits an E90. I believe the whole front section is the same as E92 so if you wish to run the stock rear muffler i would seperate the system i have here.

I believe i have the adapters in stock as well, but i'll check if your interested.

Regarding the ECU tune, i would be happy to send over a laptop in the mail with USB reflash cable and that allows you to read the file, you can email that file to me, then i'll email you a new one back, you upload it and then send my laptop back in the mail when your done.

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