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Originally Posted by Belarus View Post
LOL... I was all after spending 5 hours installing it all by myself (took the opportunity to clean Injen DCI filters and polish the pipes)... car was running smoothly during test.... UNTIL I HIT WOT and ECU popped engine LIMP... MTF

Well at least the limp goes away after I re-start the car and runs OK as long as I don't WOT.... so worst case scenario if I can't fix it myself I'll bring it to the shop that done some of my MODs that I couldn't do.

Will do, since now I have Canon Rebel T1i that has video recording feature
Argh. Limp mode FTL. The kill and restart engine is always a good, albeit temporary, fix. But you know if that fails then you're going to have to escalate this

Canon Rebel FTW

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It's L_taylor!
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