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Originally Posted by aus View Post

It that's the case, that's a BIG concern for all the 2008 guys.
Really depends. I believe it can also be the luck of the draw. But the sample pool is very small to make a definite and firm conclusion. But for sure the bearings were updated. There wouldn't be a revision to the bearings if something was not wrong with it that prompted them to change it after 10/2008. I dont see why they would change the bearings unless there was a real need to address a specific problem.

As an advise, I would definitely caution against those who are thinking of SC their M3s with the 2008 build.

Incidentally, knifegun's last post in the thread he posted about BMW updating the bearings and that he got a 2009 which did not make that noise was on 25th May 2009. Well after 10/2008 which also points towards the fact that he got a 2009 car with the updated bearings. And I am sure someone at the dealer or BMW told him that there were some issues with the bearings on 08 cars. This again can be re-confirmed by looking at realoem as I have provided above.

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