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Originally Posted by V1.47fan View Post
I'm not familiar with tuning the S65 but shouldn't the ECU reduce power when it detects misfiring etc. way before major engine damage occurs?
What gain did you get with this tune not adding gains from the exhaust and intake?
Also do those tunes remove those safeguards?

I did some crazy $hit to my N54,thank god! that limp mode was always there or maybe it's just because I wasn't talented enough to cause it to go kaputt, excuse my german.

Maybe your dealership has it hands tied by BMW ASIA.
I know people in the states, somewhere down south who had tunes yet the BMW dealership looked the other way and replaced their turbos and in another case a tranny.
The first case it was a doctor who purchased 5 BMW's over the years from that particular place which is about what you spent on one M3.

How much does it cost BMW to produce a S65 engine? i wouldn't be surprised if it was less than $15,000. And you spent how much on this car?

They also could've kept you happy by selling you a new engine at a major discount,if they wanted to help.

Next time get you a Porsche 911 and please no more tunes,maybe a good exhaust and intake.

God Bless!
AFAIK, I got something like 17hp without the mods. Total with mods was something like 27hp. AFAIK, the safety nets of the ECU were NOT removed. BMW Asia did comment to me during our discussions that the ECU did the necessary to protect the engine when this happened. However, I find that hard to believe because I think they wanted me to believe there was nothing wrong with the engine.

Like I said, I speculate that its because BMW Asia buys many of the cars here without warranty from factory so they take over the warranty by floating the general warranty purchased for the mass selling cars like the regular sedans, etc.

My dealer here is useless. They cant trouble shoot a car even for the simplest issues. BMW Asia is also no different. They had their own guy look at it and told it me its an air conditioner issue which resulted in the sound.

I was prepared to even pay 50% of the cost of the new engine but they were more eager to repair it. When I realized that it was a circus with the way I have been handled and lied to, I knew that they might even cover up after tearing down the engine or manipulate it. It is not so hard to draw this conclusion especially when the status of the warranty was determined in less than 3 days. Since they were more eager to repair it and at a price that was very close to 50% of the price of a new engine, I realized it would be better to rebuild it properly than allow these jokers to even attempt to repair it. And they wouldn't since the cylinder walls have been damaged. Adding all the damaged parts for the repair, I am convinced it would have cost very close to a new engine if not about 40% less. They could have offered me a discount on a new engine and I would have gladly paid for it as well. There was no practical logic in getting them to repair it and charging me separately for all the damaged items?? A brand new S65 from my stealership here costs about USD40k or about 25-30k Euros. Spent less than 10k in mods on my car. Rims, Tints, Exhaust, etc.

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