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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Everybody 'tuning' their cars should consider their engine warranty voided. We might never know what exactly was done to the ECU, but just the fact it was tampered with it's game over. Can't blame BMW one bit for doing that.
Not blaming BMW on the warranty voiding. Read from Page 1 and you will know they did the wrong diagnostic and gave me the wrong information when I suspected something was very wrong with the engine. They also took the chance to void the gearbox warranty when they could especially when they did a royal screw up on the 1200 mile change on the DCT fluids when they were not supposed to.

Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Just for ONE isolated incident involving a tuned engine?
Knifegun's M3 had bearing problems that were replaced with a new car. Apparently, SnowsM3 also had the same issue. And both were not tuned but in stock form.
Read the last 1-2 pages, you will see the links I have provided.

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Have one question on the 1.3Kg imbalance, which supposedly was the root cause of this particular failure: Wouldn't that be enough to feel the engine vibrate like crazy? This is the smoothest V8 I've owned, and I've owned FIVE Lexus V8 cars, which are renowned for their smoothness.
At least for me, when I had the car for 6 months, I did not experience anything like that. So maybe it was not an astronomical figure enough to induce a vibration that could be felt. The whole thing became very bad after the 3rd track day when there was a high rpm misfire on one of my banks and that could have probably made everything alot worse.

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