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Originally Posted by ENINTY View Post
I owned an '89 325i for about 18 years. One mod I did that you may not think of is converting the ellipsoids to Hella H4s. All you need is standard light buckets from a 318i, two Hella relays, two Hella european H4 globes and two Hella high beam globes. Run 80/100 watt bulbs in the H4 globes and 100 watt H1 bulbs in the high beams. The light spread is fantastic and light volume almost as good as HID (400 watts of high beam). The relays are needed to trigger the high beams in H4 globes because the ellipsoid outer lamps never had high beams and you need to add the circuitry.

Have fun with the car. I'd suggest a Metric Mechanic M20 hi-po motor rather than an E36 M motor swap. The MM M20 motor is a plug-in to the ECU. The E36 is not so easy.

Skip the H4's, find ellipsoid's from a late model or even better - grab euro ellipsoids. Throw HID's in them and call it a day.

MM m20 is overpriced. Go with the e36 motor. It's 24 valves instead of 12, and MUCH better platform for power. Timing chain instead of belt, and valves that don't need re-adjustments like the m20 does = much less maintenance.

Go to and you will find ALL the swap info you'll ever need. It will be easy, just time consuming unless you have EVERY SINGLE part lined up ready to go before you start. Best idea is to purchase a complete donor car, or you're in for a lot of stupid little trips to the stealer to get nickle and dimed.

Had a fully built high compression/cammed s52 in my e30 m3 5-lug swapped e30.

Anyway, good luck with your build. Be careful, a lot of "while-you-are-in-there's" can add up QUICK!!