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Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
I saw on the Akra website they are advertising the optional delete-R to counter the CEL thru a piggy back system via the plug-in adapter on the OBD. Has anyone installed this and are you happy with the result.

I think this resets the CEL everytime it's produced rather than sending a pseudo value to the EMS. Correct me here if I am wrong.

I've been putting off getting the Akra due to the CEL issue and from what I see they've come up with the solution. But at the same time I like to know what the delete-R does.
You are absolutely right! I did intentionally break in my new car including Akrapovic Evo 200cpsi´s without having the deleter installed, after 600km I did get CEL - like expected (Euro spec car). Thereafter I installed the deleter. After starting the car, the CEL still was on and turned off by itself after 5km driving. From that point on no further CEL. The same behaviour we also did observe with the Euro and US spec cars when testing the deleter the last few month. So the CEL issue is finally solved