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Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
Look at the following Dyno Database entry for my stroker motor. After this dyno was completed, I added Dinan Throttle bodies, Envy Intake, full cat delete, and changed to my (previously purchased) Ericsson exhaust. The total net gain for all of these changes was 8 additional horsepower. In my opinion, deleting the catalytic converters did not help the stroker very much at all over over the configuration that came with my motor.

EDIT: The information above doesn't tell the whole story. Between Dinan TB's and Envy Intake -- there was a net-0 hp gain. The cat delete and Ericsson exhaust is what gave the 8hp gain.
Hey PG, so can you confirm that the Dinan throttle bodies make no sense?!
This was the same I was thinking of. In my opinion the stock 50mm throttle bodies are big enough, especially when taking into consideration that the trumpets within the air manifold will stay at 50mm!? So what sense does it make to bore the boddies by 2mm when the trumpets are the bottleneck?