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The centrifugal SC will give you linear power as well, it's not a TC ...

My $0.02 ( in case you are not looking for more than +100 bhp ):

A SC provides noticeable power increase bolted on your existing engine, regardless of it's condition. The exhaust can remain stock to produce the additional power.

A stroker provides a rebuilt engine with bigger displacement, you basicly get a new engine in case the job is done right. The exhaust has to be modded ( deletion of catalyst ) to achieve a noticeable power-gain.

You can compare the ESS-VT1 SC kit with a Dinan stroker or RD46, power wise. The stroker will be reliable for sure, the SC kit's will still have to show what we are dealing with ( although I don't have any concerns with mild boost ~ 4 psi, even non-intercooled unless you live in Dubai or comparable places ).

In case SC's would not whine I would prefer the SC. So I'm still waiting whether a stroker-kit will be released without the need to bore the block, even when this would mean that you will be probably limitet to 4.4 ltr engine displacement. Any stroker will increase piston speed as well, which isn't a very good thing on already high-reving engines.