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Originally Posted by Squawks
superficially exaggerative consequences of particular crimes/violations?
Exactly. While I do agree that it is not a "common case", it could
be just police officers scaring off street racers by giving out search
comments, but that is the reality I wanted to point out.

There has been numerous news about a bill passing in oregon state
to make street racing violation as a felony. This was back in 2002.

Also, in oregon state, I believe Street racing is considered Class A misdemeanor.
Which is same level as reckless driving and driving under the influence
which could mean up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.
(Remember, I am not only mentioning "speeding", but STREET racing/events.)

In several other states, bills already passed where the government
granted rights to tow vehicle up to 30 days(texas i believe). Last
I checked, california police officers have right to permanently impound
cars and sell it off in auction for cheap. This has been big issue,
as some people argued that it is not the right thing to do.

Oregon state, being one of the most strict state when it comes
down to DMV and Traffic violations, I believe they do have pretty
strict rules regarding street racing.

BMW_Lawman did mention there is NO ORS that actually says "impound vehicle", which is true.
Law set in 1983,
811.125 Speed racing on highway; penalty. Class A traffic violation.
And one in 2003,
811.127 Organizing a speed racing event; penalty. Class C felony.

But any police officer can throw in Reckless driving and impound your car. They can always get around it, and put you in serious trouble. You should know better since you are an officer.
Since when police officers were so nice to street racers?
And Class C felony sounds pretty damn serious to me.

BMW_Lawman, what is your name and which police district in oregon
do you work in? I am going to visit Public information officer in
washington county police district to get detailed info about oregon
restriction regarding street racing. I plan on mentioning your name
and what you've told me in this thread to see what kind of response
I get from traffic violation specialist.
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