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Originally Posted by Kafka View Post

I have read your comments with interest for a few months so I thought I would join. I used to have the good fortune to own a 328 & 330ci followed by but some bad luck in way of an accident and an unfriendly response by my insurance company. After quite a few years of driving a very reliable older Japanese car I am now on the waiting list for the 2008/9 M3. I put my deposit down last December (Canada) so with the 2008/9 notation on my receipt I guess more patience will be required until I can take delivery. In the meantime, however, I have the opportunity to learn more about the M3 "experience" from other members, and hopefully contribute is a small way, as well as ask some questions. My main purpose is the driving "experience" (even my 330 on the track were religious moments!) and the M3 seems to be one of the best (in the price range) for this. I will want to take performance driving schools and will ask your advice on where and when the better ones are and in what sequence you recommend (hey, I'm a beginner again and like it a lot - starting over can be cool).

Help: This is the first forum I've belonged to and am unfamiliar with some of the terminology (I have also asked the Administrator's for advice) and options so if any of you have any advice for a first time user please pass it on. Hopefully this note will get posted and in the right place.

Happy driving people.
Welcome to the forum man
trust me its a really good place to make friends with other potential m3 owners like how I made friends with other E46 M3's on
Just start searching and reading about old threads before posting new ones with repetitive questions.
Good luck