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Originally Posted by Bob MG View Post
Nice Mike!! Can't wait to see your car with the brembos and ADVs,
Thanks B! Me neither I just wish shipping would hurry their asses up!

Originally Posted by rhys187 View Post
ok wonder could they under value it so the import tax is less lol when u gonna be fitting it mate let me know what fitment is like. Also have u got link to the thread where i can say i want one cant find it lol
You could try that, but this thing shows the carbon kevlar quite boldy at the back. Unless your import guys there are complete fools, you're going to get risked of being penalized for not declaring the right amount.

Originally Posted by leeor View Post
my new favorite trunk
Definitely! You should see this thing in person, quality is amazing and I'm sure fitment will be just as good. I can pick it up with 1 hand how light it is!

Originally Posted by FruitCake View Post
Good thing you're replacing the Technocrap stuff with Dinan
Thanks! They could design the Technocraft charge pipe a bit better, but I wouldn't go so far as to say it's total utter rubbish.