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Is it just me or are the AMG seats really really tight and hard? They don't feel comfortable to me at all. I do really like the look of the seats versus the M3 seats. The seats in the S5 imo looks as good and feels better than the AMG seats. The tach is hideous but thats my opinion and center console and the area of the shifter is no go. The nav is boring, the M3 iDrive is a lot more "prettier" in my opinion when I looked at my friend's c63 with the p31. I also don't like the foot activated "hand brake thing." And what Fruitcake said, all performance buttons are together where as on the AMG they are hidden everywhere. You have to move your hand to get center console to modify traction and to change from comfort, sport, manual mode next to shifter. I like how clean and simple the M3 dash looks.

So my vote goes to the M3 but I "may" be biased.
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