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I'm going to have to side with regarding serious penalties for petty violations. Do I disagree with BMW_Lawman? No. I would take sides with his interpretations of the law. Do I disagree with's superficially exaggerative consequences of particular crimes/violations? No.

Why? I've personally witnessed bad cops in my life and during my childhood days growing up in the projects (all of my first 18 years), I saw tons of bad cops. Cops who shoot-before-they-talk. Cops who brutalize people down, beat them further, and then later radio off "resisting arrest." Some of my buddies end up in the juvie where a white, suburban kid would just get counseling for physical assault against another kid. My dad was arrested for domestic disturbance. He got mad at my mom tore up the entire apartment. He never attacked my mom; he never did his whole life. Cops came, busted him, brutalized a man who did not resist arrest, and jailed him. No charges were pressed (by my mom), but he was jailed. In fact, jailed for a month. What else could a Chinese man with desultory English do? The cops are incontrovertibly right? Please. I wouldn't say anything better of our (racist) judicial system.

People like to preach about "the law is the law," blah, blah, blah. How many times did I see cops bust into homes without search warrants? How about police brutality? I've seen lots of arrests in the hood, yet I've only heard the recitation of one's rights on COPS on FOX. Please, anybody who believes all cops are good is simply being ignorant and in denial of the realstic world...or perhaps you're fortunate enough to be raised as a middle-class white individual. Cops are purportedly obligated to follow the law and carry out their strict codes of procedure but do they all? The simple fact is no. They do stupid things, and rescind/coverup their actions when they're facing pressure either legally or publicly. Sure, they can impound your car or arrest/jail you for speeding 10 over 35 if they wanted. They'll just cite you on false infractions if they wanted to afflict more damage.

Why don't you ask a black teenager living in a development if all cops are righteous men who are always hewing to their codes and protocols of being the protective servants of society? Oh, there's no need. He'd agree with me.