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Can anyone provide insight?

Hey guys,

Apologizing in advance for the long post, but please bear with me.

I am currently leasing an 08 e90 335i moderately loaded. I am an E6 in the Navy stationed in the Hampton Roads, VA area. I love the car, but I don't enjoy being hindered by a lease, so when it ends in July of 2011, I would like to finance an M3, becuase 300hp is not enough.

I have several questions however, a little more info, my current lease is from Checkered Flag BMW in Virginia Beach, VA. They quoted me around 600 a month for 20k miles a year, adding in the perks of tire/rim replacement, key fob replacement, interior/exterior protection shot me up to 800 a month.

Comparing to other individuals, that seems a bit high, I assume since I opted for 20k miles, since I love to drive.

The M3 I plan to get will be a fully loaded e90, built on the website showed a sticker of ~75k.

Hefty, I am sure there are some things I can trim down. Looking at estimates on the website show for both leasing and financing (60 mo) equal payments of 1450, however BMW Select shows 1050.

I am not good with math, so I am trying to search through other threads to find out more about the pros and cons of BMW Select.

Q1)What features would you consider a necessity in the M? What prefered comfort features do you really enjoy? (This will help me trim down)

Q2)1450 is a bit much, if you are fully loaded, is that close to numbers you have seen or is it inflated?

Being in the military, I don't really make enough to justify that payment, hence why BMW Select seems enticing.

Q3)Is it possible to negotiate when you are doing a custom build or are you stuck with the website's estimate?

Q4)So far I would say that my experience at Va Beach Checkered Flag has been good, not excellent. Does anyone have any recommendations for dealers on the east coast?

I am notorious for having bad luck with cars (hence why I leased), my 335's brakes squeal when dry, the muffler rattles, but service never seems to find the problem.

Q5)Is it worth the extra ~10k to extend warranty and service out to 100k?

I have already put 42k on my 335 and I have yet to hit 2 years, a lot of trips, I plan to have the M3 for the entire 6 years or more, as long as it doesn't screw me over, so this would seem like a good move for me and my bad luck.

Sorry for the long post, any info is appreciated, I know it is a little early to be thinking about the next vehicle with a year and 3 months left, but I like to plan ahead when making a big investment.