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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
Here is the whole quote:

This is why biased sound bytes are retarded. You know why that person cut out the rest of it in that clip? Because the rest makes the statement not sound nearly as bad.

What Obama is saying:

He personally believes that you can make enough money, but he knows that the American way is to continue to make stuff and continue to sell it if it's a good product, and we cannot allow that to end because we wouldn't be able to function as a society.

I grow weary of people taking tiny little quotes and making them sound worse than they really are. This is why political parties need to just die already.
HAHA LMFAO, I heard the video stop where it did and was like I KNOW that it was stopped there on purpose. What a bunch of idiots to take something out of context to try and make it sound the exact opposite of how it was actually said.

Truly ignorant, and that's from someone who doesn't even know if the president is republican or democrat or what I am.

But whichever group is providing those video clips are absolute ignorant fools.